About Bowen eARTh

Bowen eARTh specializes in creating unique, 1 of a kind & practical art pieces handmade from natural materials found on Bowen Island and around BC’s shorelines.

MyBIOPicI’m an actor/artist/filmmaker at heart & love all mediums of the creative process. I’ve always enjoyed the art of creating something by taking an idea, from concept to visualization, right through to creation. I love dreaming up something, then setting into motion a clear goal as to what needs to be done in order to bring it to fruition. There is no one medium of art that I restrict myself to. My creations are a combination of natural resources, as well as metal and other such materials. Since most of my materials are supplied by nature, no 2 of my creations are alike. I try to create pieces that are both unique and functional for any space. Most of the time, I find the materials first and then decide what to make with it. This keeps the flow of my pieces sporadic, just like nature itself.

In 2014, I relocated with my spouse Kelly Konno to Bowen Island in order to reconnect ourselves with nature. We immediately fell in love with Bowen’s incredible natural beauty and community. The views are just as spectacular as the people who live and work here. Bowen Island has some of the most unique and diverse creative minds I have ever had the pleasure of co-existing with. There are artists, musicians, poets, writers and just about any other kind of creative individual you can think of. The amount of creative energy and natural inspiration is unlike anywhere else I have ever lived.

Within 2 years of living on Bowen Island, Kelly and I decided to launch both our passion business ideas. Together we are able to create unique art & furniture from Bowen eARTh, as well as offer our community a means of staying healthy through our Bowen Dance cardio classes.


Hours & Info – Bowen Island, BC – 1.604.720.9722 – M-F 10am – 7pm PST