bowen eARTh Square Black pipe & Pallet wood coffee table

This is an industrial black pipe and pallet wood coffee table. The top is made from various pieces of reclaimed pallet wood and the structure is from 3/4″ black steel pipes. I finished off the surface with a durable super high gloss sheen. Underneath it has a swing out tray which can double as a storage compartment or serving tray.

Size: 50″L x 40″ W 14″H
PRICE: $3000

bowen eARTh ‘Hangman’ floor lamp

This is the Bowen eARTh ‘Hangman’ floor lamp. It’s made from a beautiful old tree that I pulled from the ocean off of Tunstall beach on Bowen island couple years ago. It stands 101 inches tall (little over 8 feet) on a solid wooden base, also from Tunstall beach. The light is an old glass orb with decorative etching. It runs off of a dimmer switch and casts an even warm glow into any space.

Price: $1500
SIZE: 101″ (8 feet)