Bowen eARTh Volcano Lamp

This piece is the Bowen eARTh ‘Volcano Lamp’, created from a slab of composite wood. I carved some deep grooves into the base for a more organic look. The neck of the lamp is made of 3/4″ black pipe. Topped with an Edison Bulb, this piece is sure to warm up any space.

PRICE: $ 125
Size: Base 6″ X 6″ X 19″ H

Published by

Bowen eARTh

I'm an actor/artist/filmmaker at heart & love all mediums of the creative process. I've always enjoyed the art of creating something by taking an idea from concept to visualization. I love dreaming up something, then setting into motion a clear goal as to what needs to be done in order to bring it to fruition. I have no one medium of art that I restrict myself to. My creations are a combination of natural items gathered off the shores of Bowen Island to metal and other man made materials. Since my materials are supplied by nature, no 2 of my creations are usually alike. I try to create pieces that are both unique and usable for any space. Most of the times I find the materials first and then decide what to make with it. This keeps the flow of my pieces sporadic just like nature itself.