bowen eARTh ‘Hangman’ floor lamp

This is the Bowen eARTh ‘Hangman’ floor lamp. It’s made from a beautiful old tree that I pulled from the ocean off of Tunstall beach on Bowen island couple years ago. It stands 101 inches tall (little over 8 feet) on a solid wooden base, also from Tunstall beach. The light is an old glass orb with decorative etching. It runs off of a dimmer switch and casts an even warm glow into any space.

Price: $1500
SIZE: 101″ (8 feet)

‘Seleigh’ Beach Wood candle holders

These are the Bowen eARTh ‘Sealeigh Beach wood’ candle holders. They were cut and carved from a piece of drift wood retrieved from Sealeigh beach. I finished them with some natural butchers block oil in order to enhance their exposed bark & beautiful knots.

They can accommodate large pillar style candles up to 3.5″ in diameter.

PRICE: $55 (pair)
Size: 5″ H X 6″ W (Large one)
Size: 5″ W x 4″ H (Small ones)