bowen eARTh Round Dining Table

This is a reclaimed pallet wood round dining table. The surface is made from old pallet wood, planed and sanded to a smooth suede finish. The base was hand lathed from an old 6×6 reclaimed fir beam.

PRICE: $1100
Size: 46 Round x 28.5 Height

bowen Earth Privacy Screen

Finally complete! The Bowen Earth Privacy Screen, took a good solid 8 months to complete. The bamboo was harvested off my property over 3 years ago and kept in dry storage. The 30 wine bottle glass discs on top and bottoms is what took 6 months to accumulate. I decided I wanted to incorporate wine bottle bottoms, 10 per panel – 30 in total. That meant I had to aquire 60 bottles of the exact same wine in order to create 30 full discs! So I did what any artist would do, I set out to drink 60 bottles of red wine which took me roughly 6 months! Im pleased with the final look as they do catch the light beautifully.

The bamboo is rigid and tightly fit together and definitely gives you a sense of privacy as a room separator, light blocker or just for decoration. Each panel is built stand alone so that they can be separated and moved with ease.

PRICE: $2000
Size: 18 Wide x 74 Height x 2″ Depth