Bowen eARTh Natural Edge Bowl

This ‘Bowen eARTh Natural Edge Bowl’ was hand lathed from a piece of an old Bowen tree stump. The bowl has a magnificent yellowish/green tinge all through it’s grain. The top has a beautiful raw edge collar made of a light brown/green bark. The entire bowl is polished with an all natural butchers block oil.

PRICE: $350
Size: 9″W x 6″H

Bowen eARTh Burnt Edge Bowl

This ‘Bowen eARTh Burnt Edge Bowl’ was lathed by hand from an old piece of a cedar round. Once the bowl was formed & sanded, I scorched the edges & grooves, accenting the grain.

The bowl was finished with a high gloss polyurethane coating, in order to preserve it’s burnt edges.

PRICE: $200
Size: 8″W x 5″W x 5″H

NOTE: This bowl is not intended for food use.