Bowen eARTh Laminated Wood Tealight Holder

This unique ‘Bowen eARTh Laminated Wood Tealight Holder’ is made from a chunk of laminated wood that is created from thousands of various wood shavings compressed together with an industrial adhesive.

As a finishing touch, I lightly torched the surface in order to make the wood pattern stand out even more.

PRICE: $40
Size: 7″L x 4″W x 2″H

Bowen eARTh’s ‘Goliath’ Reclaimed Wood Tea Light

Bowen eARTh’s ‘Goliath’ is a beautiful reclaimed wooden beam section that has been transformed into a stylish tealight holder with incredible presence. It holds 5 glass cups for housing tealights. The sides of the slab are fitted with large metal L- brackets fastened with 1/2″ bolts. It illuminates beautifully causing the light to reflect off it’s high gloss surface.

PRICE: $95
Size: 15.5″ L x 8″W x 4″ H